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SELECT YOUR LANGUAGE: very popular demand, we have compiled quite a few links
to help site visitors expand their Keith Relf/Yardbirds (and related) music library on CD, vinyl, MP3 downloads, etc.

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Keith Relf

There will be much more to discuss about this gifted artist, please stay tuned for more future content.

Keith Relf/The Yardbirds on MySpace

The Yardbirds Sessions/Tours Page

The Yardbirds: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Yardbirds "Rolling Stone Magazine" bio

The Yardbirds on Wikipedia

The Yardbirds music
(Music links, etc.)

The Yardbirds "Glimpses 63-68" (Amazon CD)

Renaissance and Illusion 
(information links)

Renaissance (histroy of the band)

Renaissance debut LP reviews

Jane Relf's Renaissance 1969-1995 Review

John Hawken

Keith Relf 1969 Interview (on Youtube)

Illusion (Renaissance) on MySpace

 Renaissance and Illusion music
(Music links, etc.)

Renaissance (debut - Amazon CD)

Renaissance "Illusion" (2nd LP, Amazon CD)

Innocents & Illusions (1st 2 Rennaissance LP's)

Renaissance "Past Orbits of Dust: Live 69-70"

Renaissance "Kings & Queens" (DVD)

Illusion - "Out of the Mist"

"Illusion" (2nd LP on Island)

Illusion-Renaissance "Through the Fire"

Music that Keith Relf Produced/Wrote
(Amazon CD links, info. etc.)

Steamhammer - "Speech"

Medicine Head - "Dark Side of the Moon"

Medicine Head - "Heavy on the Drum"

Saturnalia - "Magical Love"

Hunter Muskett

Amber - "Pearls of Amber"

Smoke Stack Crumble (45Cat link)

Reign - "Line of Least Resistance"

Armageddon (and related - music links, etc.)

Armageddon (remastered CD on Amazon)

Armageddon (rare, still sealed LP on Amazon)

Armageddon's Martin Pugh sits in with 7th Order

Armageddon's Bobby Caldwell - 2012 Interview

Armageddon's Louis Cennamo 1994 Interview

Louis Cennamo on Facebook

Louis Cennamo on MySpace

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