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The Rare 45's List

e-mail:  Rare 45'S
The 60's & 70's were a magical era for music - The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Eric Clapton, The Moody Blues, Traffic, Aerosmith, The Who, The Doors, The Yardbirds, The Allman Brothers, The Guess Who, Led Zeppelin - the list of great artists is endless. And the media of choice for that golden era? The vinyl 45 RPM, of course!

Welcome to the Rare 45 RPM Auction!

We don't think that you have ever seen a list quite like this one.

It consists of items that have been hidden away in the closet of a private collector for many years, and only recently have they been rediscovered. Most of the records on this list are promotional copies, with rare mono sound mixes.

In the pre-digital age, the "single" ruled the airwaves - Keith Richards once said that The Rolling Stones used to record stuff specifically to sound good in mono (back then, most people listening to AM radio had single speaker or 'monophonic' systems - remember transistor radios?). Well, many of the promo 45's on this list feature those rare mono mixes, so you can now get the full benefit of the listening experience that the artists and producers intended for you to have. Other items on this list were never intended for commercial release, as they were manufactured for the express purpose of aiding radio programmers. Several of them include letters from record company executives, and many feature ultra-rare picture sleeves.Because these records were sent to radio stations, various people had access to them. Consequently some have a bit of writing on the labels or sleeve, & maybe a bit of wear. However, quite a few have also never been played, and even if some do show a little mileage, you could still comb the known universe for a better copy & come up empty handed. The average sight graded quality is a conservative VG++, and feel free to ask for more information on any item by sending me an e-mail message at:  Rare 45's

We encourage 'blanket bids' for entire groups of items, for example: all of the Beatles-related records, the Poco & Eagles 45's, all of the Electric Light Orchestra or Frank Zappa items, or even the complete collection. In the event of a tie, these kinds of offers may improve your odds of emerging with the winning bid.

The closing date for all bids is Feb. 15th, 2016, your bid must be e-mailed prior to this date to be considered. Winners only will be notified, but all bids will be temp. archived in the event that an offer does not materialize into a transaction.

Thanks for you interest, and happy record hunting!


Aerosmith- "S.O.S." Columbia 3-10105 promo, mono/stereo

Aerosmith- "Dream On" Columbia 4-45894 promo, mono/stereo

Aerosmith- "Same Old Song & Dance" Columbia 4-46029 promo, mono/stereo

Aerosmith- "Train Kept a Rollin'"/"Spaced" Columbia 3-10034 promo stamp

Ajaye, Franklin- Multi-track 7" 33 1/3 promo from the "Franklin Ajaye-Comedian" LP

Allman Bros.- "One Way Out" Capricorn CPR 0014, promo, mono/stereo

Allman Bros.- "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" Capricorn CPR 0003, promo, mono/stereo

Allman Bros.- "Jessica"/"Come & Go Blues" Capricorn CPR 0036

Allman Bros.- "Ramblin' Man"/"Pony Boy" Capricorn CPR 0027

*Allman, Gregg- "Don't Mess Up a Good Thing" Capricorn CPR 0042 promo, mono/stereo

*Betts, Richard- "Rain" Capricorn CPS 0221 promo, mono/stereo

*Betts, Richard- "Long Time Gone" Capricorn CPS 0213 promo, mono/stereo (rare edited version)

Allen, Woody- "Night Club Years '64-'68" United Artists SP 98 promo (rare -pic. sleeve)

Alpert, Herb- "Save the Sunlight" A&M 1542-S promo, mono/stereo (picture sleeve)

Acrobat- "Better Than Today" RCA/TMI 75-0108 promo, mono/stereo

Archie & Edith- Rare "All In The Family" promo 45 (in mono), write for details!

Argent- "Thunder & Lightning" Epic 8-50025 promo, mono/stereo

Argent- "Hold Your Head Up"/"Closer to Heaven" Epic 5-10852

*Ballard, Russ- "Winning" Epic 8-50211 promo, mono/stereo

*Ballard, Russ- "You Can Do Voodoo" Epic 8-50085 promo, mono/stereo

Armstrong, Louie- "Hello Dolly"/"That's All I Want..." Kapp KS-2145 (cutout hole)

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke- "Resurrection Shuffle"/"I'm Your Spiritual Breadman" Capitol P-3060 promo

Bachmen-Turner Overdrive- "Hold Back The Water"/"Blue Collar" Mercury 73417(promo & regular versions avail.)

Bachmen-Turner Overdrive- "Roll On Down The Highway""/"Sledgehammer" Mercury 73656 promo

Bachmen-Turner Overdrive- "Hey You""/"Flat Broke Love" Mercury 73658 promo

Bachmen-Turner Overdrive- "Let It Ride" Mercury 73457 promo (long/short versions)

Bachmen-Turner Overdrive- "You Ain't Seen Nothin'..."/"Freewheelin'" Mercury 73622

Bachmen-Turner Overdrive- "Takin' Care of Business" Mercury 73487 promo (long/short versions, w/ note to program managers)

Bad Company- "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" Swan Song SS-70103 promo, mono/stereo

Bad Company- "Good Lovin' Gone Bad"/"Whiskey Bottle" (non lp) Swan Song 70103

Bad Company- "Movin' On"/"Easy On My Soul" (non lp) Swan Song SS 70101

Bad Company- "Can't Get Enough"/"Little Miss Fortune" (non lp) Swan Song SS 70100

Baez, Joan- "Forever Young" A&M 1516 promo, mono/stereo

Baez, Joan- "Less Than The Song"/"Windrose" A&M 1472-S promo

Baez, Joan- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" Vanguard VSD-35148 promo, mono/stereo

Band, The- "Third Man Theme" Capitol P-3828 promo, mono/stereo

Barrabas- "Wild Safari"/"Woman" RCA 74-0863 promo

Batdorf & Rodney- "Home Again" Asylum AS-11012 promo, mono/stereo

Be Bop Deluxe- "Ships In The Night" Harvest P-4244 promo, mono/stereo

BEATLES-RELATED (see also 'Nilsson, Harry', 'Ten Years After')

Beatles- "Hello Goodbye"/"I Am The Walrus" Capitol 2056

Beatles- "Yellow Submarine"/"Elanor Rigby" Capitol 5715

Beatles- "Hey Jude"/"Revolution" Apple 2276

Beatles- "Ballad of John & Yoko"/"Old Brown Shoe" Apple 2531

Badfinger- "No Matter What"/"Carry On Till Tomorrow" Apple 1822

Christie, John- "4th Of July" Capitol P-3928 promo, mono/stereo (w/ picture sleeve-written by Paul-Linda McCartney, Prod. By Dave Clark, extremely rare)

Harrison, George- "Bangla Desh"/"Deep Blue" Apple 1836

Harrison, George- "What Is Life"/"Apple Scruffs" Apple 1828

Harrison, George- "My Sweet Lord"/"Isn't It A Pity" Apple 2995

Harrison, George- "Dark Horse" Apple P-1877 promo, mono/stereo

Harrison, George- "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" Apple P-1879 promo, mono/stereo

Lennon, John- "Imagine"/"It's So Hard" Apple 1840

Lennon, John- "Happy X-mas"/"Listen, The Snow is Falling" Apple 1842 (green vinyl-'b' side is horribly scratched)

Lennon, John- "Mind Games"/"Meat City" Apple 1868 (picture sleeve)

Lennon, John- "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" Apple P-1874 promo, mono/stereo

Lennon, John- "What You Got" Apple P-1878 promo, mono/stereo

Lennon, John- "#9 Dream" Apple P-1878 promo, mono/stereo

McCartney & Wings, Paul- "Hi Hi Hi"/"C Moon" Apple 1857

McCartney & Wings, Paul- "My Love"/"The Mess" (live) Apple 1861

McCartney & Wings, Paul- "Helen Wheels" Apple PRO-6786 promo, mono/stereo

McCartney & Wings, Paul- "Band On The Run" Apple P-1873 promo, mono/stereo

McCartney & Wings, Paul- "Junior's Farm"/"Sally G" Apple 1875

Wings- "Mary Had A Little Lamb"/"Little Woman Love" Apple 1851

Wings- "Listen To What The Man Said"/"Love In Song" Capitol 4091 (picture sleeve)

McGear, Mike- "Leave It" Warner Bros. WBS 8037 promo, mono/stereo (written & produced by Paul McCartney)

McCulloch & White Line, Jimmy- "Call My Name" Capitol P-4381 promo, mono/stereo (late Wings/Samll Faces guitarist)

Plastic Ono Band- "Give Peace A Chance"/"Remember Love" Apple 1809

Shankar Family & Friends- "I Am Missing You" Dark Horse DH-10001 (w/ rare Dark Horse sleeve, very 1st Dark Horse Records release)

Splinter- "Costafine Town"/"Elly May" Dark Horse DH-10002-S promo (picture sleeve)

Splinter- "Costafine Town" Dark Horse DH-10002-S promo, mono/stereo (w/ George Harrison-production/bass)

Splinter- "China Light" Dark Horse DH-10003 promo, mono/stereo (w/ George Harrison-production/guitars)

Splinter- "What Is It"/"Which Way Will I Get Home" Dark Horse DH-10007-S

Starr, Ringo- "It Don't Come Easy"/"Early 1970" Apple 1831

Starr, Ringo- "No No Song"/"Snookeroo" Apple P-1880 promo

Starr, Ringo- "It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna" Apple P-1882 promo, mono/stereo

Starr, Ringo- "Oo-Wee" Apple P-1882 promo, mono/stereo

Beck, Jeff- "Hi Ho Silver Lining"/"Beck's Bolero"/"Rock My Plimsoul" Rak RA 3

Beck, Jeff (BBA)- "Lady" Epic 5-11027 promo, mono/stereo

Beck, Jeff- "You Know What I Mean" Epic 8-50112 promo, mono/stereo

Bell, Maggie- "Wishing Well" Swan Song SS-70105 promo, mono/stereo

Bell, Maggie- "Cadoo Queen" Atlantic 45-3040 promo, mono/stereo

Bell, Maggie- "After Midnight" Atlantic 45-3018 promo, mono/stereo

Berry, Chuck- "My Ding-A-Ling"/"Johnny B. Goode" Chess CH 2131

Bishop, Elvin- "Stealin' Watermelons" Epic 5-11022 promo, mono/stereo

Bishop, Elvin- "Let It Flow" Capricorn CPS 0222 promo, mono/stereo

Blackbyrds- "Walking In Rhythm" Fantasy F-736-A-M promo, mono/stereo

Blackfoot Sue- "Standing In The Road"/"Celestial Plain" A&M 1386 promo

Black Ivory- "What Goes Around" Kwanza KWA 7800 promo mono/stereo (2 versions)

Black Oak Arkansas- "Singing The Blues" Atco 45-6849 promo, mono/stereo

Black Oak Arkansas- "Jim Dandy" Atco 45-6948 promo, mono/stereo

Black Sabbath- "Iron Man" Warner Bros. WB 7802 promo, mono/stereo

Black Sabbath- "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" Warner Bros. WB 7764 promo, mono/stereo

Blood, Sweat & Tears- "Spinning Wheel"/"You've Made Me..." Columbia 4-33168

Blood, Sweat & Tears- "Tell Me...." Columbia 4-46059 promo mono/stereo

Blue, David- "True To You" Asylum AS-11021 promo, mono/stereo

Blue Oyster Cult- "Career of Evil"/"Dominance & Submission" Columbia 3-10046 promo

Blue Oyster Cult- "Cities On Flame..." Columbia 4-45598 promo, mono/stereo

Blue Oyster Cult- "Hot Rails To Hell"/"7 Screaming Diz Busters" Columbia 4-45879 promo, (some writing on label)

Bowie, David- "Changes"/"Andy Warhol" RCA 74-0605 w/ promo sticker

Bowie, David- "The Jean Genie"/"Hang On To Yourself" RCA 74-0838

Bowie, David- "Rebel Rebel"/"Lady Grinning Soul" RCA APBO 0287

*Ronson, Mick- "Slaughter On 10th Avenue" RCA DJHO-0291 promo, mono/stereo

Brown Sugar Blues Band- "Greatest Hits" 4 tracks, 33 1/3 EP (write for details)

Browne, Jackson- "Doctor My Eyes"/"Looking Into You" Asylum AS-11004

Browne, Jackson- "Fountain of Sorrow" Asylum E-45242-A promo, mono/stereo=

Browne, Jackson- "Walking Slow" Asylum E-45227-A promo, mono/stereo

Browne, Jackson- "Rock Me On The Water"/"Something Fine" Asylum AS-11006

Bruce, Lenny- "The Law, Language, & Lenny Bruce" Warner Bros./Spector PRO 598 EP (ultra-rare promo EP on Phil Spector's label!)

Buckley, Tim- "Quicksand" Discreet REP 1187 promo, mono/stereo

Buoys, The- "Timothy" Scepter SDJ-12275 promo (edited & full versions)

Burdon Band, The Eric- "The Real Me" Capitol P-3997, promo, mono/stereo

Byrds, The- "Mr. Tambourine Man"/"I Knew I'd Want You" Columbia 4-43271

Byrds, The- "You Ain't Going Nowhere"/"Artificial Energy" Columbia 4-44499 promo

Byrds, The- "Cowgirl In The Sand" Asylum AS-11019 promo, mono/stereo

Souther/Hillman/Furray Band- "Border Town" Asylum E45217X promo mono/stereo

Souther/Hillman/Furray Band- "Safe At Home" Asylum E45217A promo mono/stereo

*McGuinn, Roger- "Same Old Sound" Columbia 3-10019 promo, mono/stereo

*Clark, Gene- "Life's Greatest Fool" Asylum E-45222 promo, mono/stereo

Byrd, Donald- "Flight-Time" Blue Note BN-XW309-W promo, mono/stereo

Cale, J.J.- "After Midnight"/"Crying Eyes" Shelter 7321

Cale, J.J.- "Cajun Moon" Shelter SR-40238

Cale, J.J.- "Crazy Mama"/"Don't Go To Strangers" Shelter 7314

Cale, J.J.- "I Got the Same Old Blues" Shelter SR-40366 promo, mono/stereo

Canned Heat- "One More River To Cross" Atlantic 45-3010 promo, mono/stereo

Captain Beefheart- "Upon The My O My"/"...Love On My Mind" Mercury 73494 promo

Captain Beefheart- "Low Yo Yo Stuff"/"Too Much Time" Reprise PRO 547 promo (rare-w/ deluxe cardboard sleeve promoting "Clear Spot")

Carlin, George- "Occupation: Foole" Little David PR 200 multi track promo (rare!)

Cashman & West- "Song Man" ABC/Dunhill D-4333 promo, mono/stereo (diff. lengths)

Cashman & West- "American City Suite"/"I Belong To You" ABC/Dunhill D-4324

Catfish Hodge- "Boogie Man" Eastbound E 607 promo (long/short versions-exceptional rockin' number, & very hard to find)

Cecilio & Kapono- "Gotta Get Away" Columbia 3-10038 promo, mono/stereo

Chapin, Harry- "What Made America Famous" Elektra EK-45893-A

Cheap Trick- "Everything Works If You Let It" Epic AE7 1206 promo

Cheech & Chong- "Santa Claus & His Old Lady"/"Dave" Ode 66021

Cheech & Chong- "Basketball Jones"/"Don't Bug Me" Ode 66038 (picture sleeve)

Chicago- "Colour My World"/"Beginnings" Columbia 4-45417

Chicago- "Colour My World"/"Make Me Smile" Columbia 4S-45127 (cutout hole)

Chicago- "I've Been Searchin' So Long" Columbia 4-46020 promo, mono/stereo

Clapton, Eric- "After Midnight"/"Easy Now" Atco 45-6784

Clapton, Eric- "Let It Rain" Polydor PD 15049 promo, mono/stereo

Clapton, Eric- "Bell Bottom Blues"/"Little Wing" Polydor PD 15056

*Cream- "Anyone For Tennis"/"Pressed Rat And Warthog" Atco 45-6575

*Cream- "Badge"/"What A Bringdown" Atco 45-6668

*Derek & The Dominos- "Layla"/"I Am Yours" Atco 45-6809

*Derek & The Dominos- "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad" RSO-400 promo, mono/stereo (live!)

Clapton, Eric- "I Shot The Sheriff"/"Give Me Strength" RSO SO-409

Clapton, Eric- "Willie & The Hand Jive"/"Mainline Florida" RSO SO-503

Clapton, Eric- "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"/"Pretty Blue Eyes" RSO SO-509 promo

Clapton, Eric- "Forever Man"/"Too Bad" (non lp) WB/Duck 7-29081 (picture sleeve)

Clapton, Eric- "Edge of Darkness" RSL 178 promo (no label/one sided-rare!)

Clarke, Stanley- "Vulcan Princess"/"Lopsy Lu"-"Power"/"Spanish Phases for Strings & Bass" Nemperor PR-230 (rare 33 1/3 4 track EP!)

Climax Blues Band- "Shake Your Love" Sire SAA-705 promo, mono/stereo

Climax Blues Band- "Reaching Out"/"Milwaukee Truckin' Blues" Sire SAA-715 promo

Cobham, Billy- "Stratus" Pt. 1 Atlantic 45-2998 promo, mono/stereo (picture sleeve)

Cobham, Billy- "Crosswind" Atlantic 45-3014 promo, mono/stereo

Cobham, Billy- "Moongerms" Atlantic 45-3250 promo, mono/stereo

Cocker, Joe- "The Letter"/"Space Captain" A&M 1174 (picture sleeve)

Cocker, Joe- "Midnight Rider"/"Woman To Woman" A&M 1370 promo

Conley, Arthur- "It's So Nice..." Capricorn CPR 0047 promo, mono/stereo

Coolidge, Rita- "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" A&M 1545 promo, mono/stereo

Coolidge, Rita & Kris Kristofferson- "Rain" Monument ZS8 8630 promo, mono/stereo

Coolidge, Rita & Kris Kristofferson- "Lover, Please" Monument ZS8 8636 promo, mono/stereo

Country Joe McDonald- "Dr. Hip" Vanguard VRS-35181 promo, mono/stereo

Cowboy- "A Patch & A Pain Killer" Capricorn CPR 0078 promo, mono/stereo =

Croce, Jim- "It Doesn't Have To Be That Way" ABC 11413 promo, mono/stereo (picture sleeve, Jim's X-mas record)


Crosby, Stills & Nash- "Marrakesh Express"/"Helplessly Hoping" Atlantic 45-2652 (cutout hole)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young- "Our House"/"Deja Vu" Atlantic 45-2760 (matrix scratced on 'b' side)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young- "Woodstock"/"Helpless" Atlantic 45-2723

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young- "Carry On"/"Teach Your Children" Atlantic 45-2735

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young- "Ohio"/"Find The Cost of Freedom" Atlantic 45-2740

Crosby & Graham Nash, David- "Immigration Man"/"Whole Cloth" Atlantic 45-2873

Crosby & Graham Nash, David- "Southbound Train" Atlantic 45-2892 promo, mono/stereo

Nash, Graham- "Chicago"/"Simple Man" Atlantic 45-2804

Nash, Graham- "Prison Song" Atlantic 45-2990 promo, mono/stereo

Nash, Graham- "Military Madness" Atlantic 45-2827 promo, mono/stereo

Stills, Stephen- "Sit Yourself Down"/"We Are Not Helpless" Atlantic 45-2790

Stills, Stephen- "It Doesn't Matter"/"Rock & Roll Crazies Medley" Atlantic 45-2876

Stills, Stephen & Manassas- "Isn't It About Time" Atlantic 45-2959 promo, mono/stereo

Stills, Stephen & Manassas- "Down The Road"/"Guaguano..." Atlantic 45-2917 promo

Young, Neil- "Heart of Gold"/"Sugar Mountain" Reprise 1065

Young, Neil- "Time Fades Away"/"Last Trip To Tulsa" (live!) Reprise 1184 promo

Young, Neil- "Comes A Time" Reprise 1395 promo, mono/stereo (picture sleeve)

Curry, Tim- "Sweet Transvestite" Ode 66103-S promo, mono/stereo

Dalton & Dubarri- "Helpless" Columbia 4-45967 promo, mono/stereo

Diamond, Neil- "Holly Holy"/"Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy" Uni 55175

de Burgh, Chris- "Hold On" (edited version) A&M 1705 promo, mono/stereo

Dee, Kiki- "Amoureuse" MCA/Rocket MCA-40157 promo, mono/stereo


*Elf- "L.A. 59" MGM M 14752 promo, mono/stereo (Prod. by Roger Glover)

Deep Purple- "Burn" Warner Bros. PUR 7809 promo, mono/stereo (2 diff. edit. versions)

Deep Purple- "Stormbringer" Warner Bros. PRS 8069 promo, mono/stereo

Deep Purple- "You Can't Do It Right..." Warner Bros. PRS 8049 promo, mono/stereo

Deep Purple- "Smoke On The Water" Warner Bros. WB 7710 (edit. live/studio versions)

*James Gang- "Must Be Love" Atco 45-6953 promo, mono/stereo (w/ Tommy Bolin)

Dekker, Desmond- "Israelites"/"My Precious World" Uni 55129 (cutout hole)

Delaney & Bonnie- "Free the People"/"Soul Shake" Atco 45-6756

Denver, John- "Rocky Mountain High"/"Spring" RCA 74-0829

Denver, John- "Annie's Song" RCA DJHO-0295 promo, mono/stereo

Deodato/Airto- "Do It Again" CTI OJ-18 promo, mono/stereo (live recording)

Deodato- "Rhapsody In Blue"/"Super Strut" CTI OJ-16 promo

Deodato- "Moonlight Serenade"/"Havana Strut" MCA 40252 promo

Derringer, Rick- "Don't Ever Say Goodbye" Blue Sky ZS8 2757 promo, mono/stereo

Derringer, Rick- "Hang On Sloopy" Blue Sky ZS8 2755 promo, mono/stereo

Derringer, Rick- "It's Raining" Blue Sky ZS7 2753 promo, mono/stereo

Derringer, Rick- "Rock & Roll, Hootchie Koo" Blue Sky ZS7 2751promo, mono/stereo

Derringer, Rick- "Teenage Love Affair" Blue Sky ZS7 2752 promo, mono/stereo

Dr. Hook/The Medicine Show- "Roland The Roadie & Gertrude The Groupie" Columbia 4-45878 promo, mono/stereo

Dr. Hook/The Medicine Show- "Life Ain't Easy" Columbia 4-45925 promo, mono/stereo

Dr. Hook/The Medicine Show- "Carry Me Carrie"/"....True Love" Columbia 45667

Dr. Hook/The Medicine Show- "Cops & Robbers" Columbia 4-46026 promo mono/stereo

Dr. Hook/The Medicine Show- "Cover of The Rolling Stone"/"Queen Of The Silver Dollar" Columbia 45732

Dr. John- "Such A Night" Atco 45-6937 promo, mono/stereo

Donovan- "Atlantis"/"To Susan On The West Coast Waiting" Epic 5-10434

Donovan- "Sailing Homeward" Epic 5-11108 promo, mono/stereo

Donovan- "Maria Magenta" Epic 5-11023 promo, mono/stereo

Doobie Brothers-"Nobody" Warner Bros WBS 8041 promo, mono/stereo

Doobie Brothers-"Take Me In Your Arms" Warner Bros WBS 8092 promo, mono/stereo

Doors, The- "Wishful, Sinful"/"Who Scared You" Elektra EK-45656 (cutout hole)

Doors, The- "Hello I Love You"/"Love Street" Elektra EK-45635

Doors, The- "Riders On The Storm"/"Changeling" Elektra EKS-45738 ("B" side scratched)

Doors, The- "You Make Me Real"/"Roadhouse Blues" Elektra EKM-45685 promo (rare mono mixes!!)

*Manzarek, Ray- "Solar Boat" (edit) Mercury 73477 promo

*Manzarek, Ray- "Downbound Train"/"Choose Up & Choose Off" Mercury 73601 promo

*Manzarek, Ray- "The Whole Thing Started With Rock & Roll" Mercury 73664 promo

Dylan, Bob- "I Want You"/"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" (live!) Columbia 4-43683

Dylan, Bob- "Wigwam"/"Copper Kettle" Columbia 4-45199

Dylan, Bob- "If Not For You"/"Tomorrow Is A Long Time" Columbia AE 7 1039 promo

Dylan, Bob- "Watching The River Flow"/"Spanish Is The Loving Tounge" Columbia 4-45409

Dylan, Bob- "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" Columbia 4-45913 promo, mono/stereo

Dylan, Bob- "Tangled Up In Blue" Columbia 3-1-106 promo, mono/stereo

Dylan, Bob- "A Fool Such As I" Columbia 4-45982 promo, mono/stereo

Dylan, Bob- "Something There Is About You" Asylum AS-11035 promo, mono/stereo

Dylan, Bob- "All Along The Watchtower" (stereo)/"It Ain't Me Babe" (mono) Asylum E-45212 promo (live!)

Dylan, Bob- "Subterranean Homesick Blues"/"Positively 4th Street" Columbia 4-33221

Dylan, Bob- "Like A Rolling Stone"/"Rainy Day Woman 12 & 35" Columbia 13-33100

Eagles, The- "Tequila Sunrise" Asylum AS-11017 promo, mono/stereo

Eagles, The- "Best Of My Love" Asylum E-45218-A promo, mono/stereo

Eagles, The- "Already Gone" Asylum AS-11036-A promo, mono/stereo

Eagles, The- "Outlaw Man" Asylum AS-11025 promo, mono/stereo

Eagles, The- "Take It Easy"/"Get You In The Mood" Asylum AS-11005

Eagles, The- "Peaceful Easy Feeling"/"Trying" Asylum AS-11013

Eagles, The- "Witchy Woman"/"Earlybird" Asylum AS-11008

Earth, Wind, & Fire- "Mighty, Mighty" Columbia 4-46007 promo, mono/stereo

Edwards, Jonathon- "Sunshine" Capricorn C-8021, promo, mono/stereo

Edwards, Jonathon- "Rollin' Along" Atco 45-6952 promo, mono/stereo

Electric Flag, The- "Doctor Oh Doctor" Atlantic 45-3237 promo, stereo

Electric Flag, The- "Every Now & Then" Atlantic 45-3222 promo, mono/stereo

Electric Light Orchestra- "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" United Artists UA-XW573-X promo, mono/stereo, (Picture Sleeve)

Electric Light Orchestra- "Ma Ma Ma Belle" United Artists UA-XW405-W promo, mono/stereo

Electric Light Orchestra- "Boy Blue" United Artists UA-XW634-X promo, mono/stereo

Electric Light Orchestra- "Roll Over Beethoven" United Artists UA-XW173-W promo, mono/stereo

Electric Light Orchestra- "Showdown"/"In An Old England Town" United Artists UA- XW337-W

 *Wood, Roy- "Forever" United Artists UA-XW394-W promo, mono/stereo

Emerson, Lake & Palmer- "Lucky Man"/"Knife's Edge" Cotillion 45-44196

Essex, David- "Lamplight" Columbia 4-46041 promo, mono/stereo

Essex, David-"Gonna Make You A Star"/"Window" Columbia 3-10039 promo (picture sleeve)

Fancy- "Wild Thing"/"Fancy" Big Tree BT-15004

Fanny- "I've Had It" Casablanca NEB 0009 promo, mono/stereo

Faro, Rachel- "Refugees" RCA JH-10202 promo, mono/stereo

Feliciano, Jose- "Light My Fire"/"High Heel Sneakers" RCA 447-0822

Firefall- "You Are The Woman"/"Cinderella" Atlantic GS 45746

Firesign Theatre- "Mr. President"/"...From the Senate Bar" Columbia AE7 1059 promo

Fisher, Matthew- "Interlude"/"Hard To Be Sure" RCA DJBO-0170 promo

Five Man Electrical Band- "Signs"/"Hello Melinda Goodbye" Lionel L-3213

Five Man Electrical Band- "Absolutely Right"/"Butterfly" Lionel L-3220

Fleetwood Mac- "Albatross" Epic 5-11029 promo, mono/stereo

Fleetwood Mac- "Sands of Time"/"Lay It All Down" Reprise 1057 promo

Flying Burrito Bros.- "Bon Soir Blues" Columbia 3-10287 promo, mono/stereo

Focus- "Harem Scarem" Atco 45-7002 promo, mono/stereo

Focus- "Sylvia" Sire SAA-708 promo, mono/stereo

Fogelberg, Dan- "Part of the Plan" Epic 8-50055 promo, mono/stereo

Fogelberg, Dan- "Changing Horses" Epic 8-50108 promo, mono/stereo

Fogerty, Tom- "Mystic Isle Avalon"/"Reggie" Fantasy F-715 promo

Fogerty, Tom- "Joyful Resurrection"/"Heartbeat" Fantasy F-703 promo

Fogerty, Tom- "Sweet Things To Come" Fantasy F-737-A-S promo, mono/stereo

Foghat- "Step Outside" Bearsville BSV 0021 promo, mono/stereo, edited version

Foghat- "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" Bearsville BSV 0008 promo, mono/stereo

Foghat- "That'll Be The Day" Bearsville BSV 0019 promo, mono/stereo

Frampton, Peter- "Somethin's Happening" A&M 1506 promo, mono/stereo

Frampton, Peter- "Show Me The Way" A&M 1693 promo, mono/stereo

Free- "Alright Now"/"Mouthful of Grass" A&M 1206 (rare mono mix, "B" sideis totally scratched to the max)

Free- "Wishing Well" Island P-1212 promo, mono/stereo (rare misprint claims the song is 2:98 in length!)

Frye, David- "Nixon Meets The Godfather"/"Dick Nixon-Solid Gold" Buddah 3782 promo (rare-not commercially avail.)

Garfunkel, Art- "All I Know"/"Mary Was An Only Child" Columbia 4-45926 promo, (w/ note from Columbia-their 1st Quadraphonic single release-rare!)

Garfunkel, Art- "Traveling Boy" Columbia 4-46030 promo, mono/stereo

Geils Band, The J.- "Whammer Jammer"/"Looking For A Love" Atlantic 45-2844

Geils Band, The J.- "Givin' It All Up" Atlantic 45-3251 promo, mono/stereo

Geils Band, The J.- "Did You No Wrong" Atlantic 45-3007 promo, mono/stereo

Go Go's- "Head Over Heals"/"Good For Gone" (non lp) IRS 9926 (picture sleeve)

Gold, Andrew- "Heartaches in Heartaches" Asylum E-45307 promo, mono/stereo

Golden Earring- "Candy's Going Bad" MCA 40309 promo, mono/stereo

Golden Earring- "Ce Soir" MCA 40369 promo, mono/stereo

Golden Earring- "Radar Love" MCA 40202 promo, mono/stereo (long/short versions!)

Graham Central Station- "Release Yourself"/"'Tis Your Kind of Music" Warner Bros. WBS 8025 promo

Grand Funk- "We're An American Band" Capitol 3660 promo, mono/stereo

Grand Funk- "The Loco Motion"/"Destitute & Losin'" (non LP track) Capitol 3840

Grand Funk- "The Loco Motion" Capitol P-3840, promo, mono/stereo, (picture sleeve)

Grand Funk- "Shinin' On"/"Mr. Pretty Boy" Capitol 3917 (picture sleeve)

Grinderswitch-"Mail Train Blues" (edit) Capricorn CPS 0235 promo, mono/stereo

Guercio, James William- "Tell Me"/"Prelude" Columbia 4-45886 promo (picture sleeve)

Guess Who, The- "Dancin' Fool"/"Can't Live With You..." RCA JB-10075 promo

Guthrie, Arlo- "Presidential Rag"/"Nostalgia Rag" Reprise REP 1211 promo

Guthrie, Arlo- "Ukulele Lady"/"Cooper's Lament" Reprise REP 1137 promo

Hagar, Sammy- "Flamingos Fly" Capitol P-4261 promo, mono/stereo

Haley & The Comets, Bill- "Rock Around The Clock" MCA 60025 promo

Hall, Darryl, & John Oates- "When The Morning Comes" Atlantic 45-3026 promo, mono/stereo

Hancock, Herbie- "Palm Grease" Columbia 3-10050 promo, mono/stereo

Hancock, Herbie- "Watermelon Man" Columbia 4-46073 promo, mono/stereo

Hancock, Herbie- "Spank-A-Lee" Columbia 3-10094 promo, mono/stereo

Harris, Gene- "Higga-Boom" Blue Note BN-XW551-X promo

Harris, Gene- "LosAlamitosLatinFunkLoveSong" Blue Note BN-XW590-X promo

Hawkwind- "Psychedelic Warlords"/"Hall of the Mountain Grill"/"D-Rider"/"Wind of Change" United Artists SP-109 promo (very rare 4 track EP!)

Heads, Hands & Feet- "One Woman" Atco 45-6923 promo, mono/stereo

Hendrix, Jimi- "Freedom" Reprise 1000 promo, mono/stereo

Hendrix, Jimi- "Dolly Dagger" Reprise 1044 promo, mono/stereo

Herman, Woody- "Fat Mama"/"The Raven Speaks" Fantasy 695 promo

Herman, Woody- A Side "Fat Mama"/"The Raven Speaks", B Side "Summer of '42"/"It's Too Late" Fantasyb WH-1 promo (rare 4 track 45)

Hollies, The- "The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee" Epic 5-11051 promo (two diff edit. versions)

Hollies, The- "Long Cool Woman"/"Look What We've Got" Epic 5-10871

Hollies, The- "Slow Down" Epic 5-11025 promo, mono/stereo

Hollies, The- "Don't Let Me Down" Epic 8-50029 promo, mono/stereo

Hollies, The- "The Air That I Breathe"/"No More Riders" Epic 5-11100 promo

Hollywood Squares- "Zingers From..." 33 1/3 EP promo/mono (rare-write for details!)

Honk- "Hesitation"/"Dog At Your Door" Epic 8-50056 promo

Horn, Paul- "Blue" Epic 5-11144 promo, mono/stereo

Horn, Paul- "Too High"/"Chelsea Morning" Epic 8-50037 promo

Hot Chocolate- "A Love Like Yours"/"Emma" Big Tree BT-16031

Hudson & Landry- "The Soul Bowl" Dore 879 promo, mono/stereo

Humble Pie- "30 Days In The Hole" A&M 1366 promo, mono/stereo

Humble Pie- "Ninety Nine Pounds" A&M 1530 promo, mono/stereo

Humphrey, Bobbi- "Fun House" Blue Note BN-XW592-X promo, mono/stereo

Hustler- "The Hustler" A&M 1691 promo, mono/stereo

Iron Butterfly- "Searchin' Circles"/"Pearly Gates" MCA-40370 promo

It's A Beautiful Day- "White Bird"/"Wasted Union Blues" Columbia 4-44928

It's A Beautiful Day- "White Bird" Columbia 4-44928 promo, mono/stereo

Jefferson Airplane- "Somebody To Love"/"White Rabbit" RCA 447-0796

*Jefferson Starship- "Caroline" (edit) Grunt JH-10206 promo, mono/stereo

*Hot Tuna- "Keep On Truckin'"/"Water Song" Grunt 65-0502 promo (picture sleeve, rare mono mixes)

*Kantner, Slick & Frieberg- "Ballad Of the Chrome Nun"/"Sketched of China" Grunt DJAO-0094 promo, mono

*Kaukonen, Peter- "Up or Down"/"That's A Good Question" Grunt 65-0510 promo, mono

*Slick, Grace- "?Come Again? Toucan"/Theme from the Movie "Manhole" Grunt DJAO-0183 promo, mono

*Steelwind, Jack Traylor &- "Child of Nature"/"Time To Be Happy" promo-mono mix (w/ Craig Chaquico)

Jethro Tull- "Bungle in the Jungle" Chrysalis CRS 2101 promo, mono/stereo

Jo Jo Gunne- "Where Is The Show?" Asylum E-45225 promo, mono/stereo

Jo Jo Gunne- "Take Me Down Easy" Asylum AS-11020 promo, mono/stereo

Jones, Booker T.- "Mama Stewart" Epic 8-50078 promo, mono/stereo

Joplin, Janis- "Me & Bobby McGee"/"Half Moon" Columbia 4-45314

Joplin, Janis- "Down On Me"/"Bye Bye Baby" Columbia 4-45630 promo, mono

*Big Brother & The Holding Company- "Down On Me"/"Call On Me" Mainstream 662

Joel, Billy- "Piano Man" Columbia 4-45963 promo, mono/stereo

Joel, Billy- "The Entertainer" Columbia 3-10064 promo, mono/stereo

Joel, Billy- "Travelin' Prayer" Columbia 3-10015 promo, mono/stereo

John, Elton- "Friends"/"Honey Roll" Uni 55277

John, Elton- "Saturday Night's Alright..."/"Jack Rabbit"/"Whenever You'reReady" MCA-40105 promo (VERY RARE ITEM, SOME WRITING ON LABEL)

John, Elton- "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"/"Young Man's Blues" MCA 40148

John, Elton- "Crocodile Rock"/"Elderberry Wine" MCA 40000

John, Elton- "The Bitch Is Back"/"Cold Highway" (non LP track) MCA 40297

Jones, Quincy- "Sanford & Son Theme" A&M 1455 promo, mono/stereo

Kansas- "Lonely Wind"/"Bringing It Back" Kirshner ZS8 4256 promo

King, Carole- "Nightingale"/"You're Something New" Ode 66106 promo

King Crimson- "In The Court of The Crimson King" Pts. 1&2 Atlantic 45-2703

King Crimson- "Easy Money"/"Exiles"/Lark's Tongues in Aspic" Pt. 2 Atlantic PR 190 promo (ultra rare multi track sampler, writing on picture sleeve)

King Crimson- "The Night Watch" Atlantic 45-3016 promo, mono/stereo

Kiss- "Strutter" Casablanca NEB 0015 promo, mono/stereo

Klaatu- "California Jam"/"Dr. Marvello" Island IS 011 promo

Knight, Gladys & The Pips- "On & On" Buddah BDA-423 promo, mono/stereo

Kooper, Al & Mike Bloomfield- "The Weight" (live)/"Man's Temptation" Columbia 4-44678 promo

Kraftwerk- "Autobahn" (edit) Vertigo VE-DJ-8 (VE-203) promo

Lascelles, Kendrew- "The Box" United Artists SP-95 promo, mono (some damage to P.S.)

Lascelles, Kendrew- "Flute Maker" United Artists UA-XW240-W promo, mono/stereo (some damage to P.S.)

Lane, Ronnie- "Brother Can You Spare A Dime?" A&M 1704-S promo, mono/stereo

Led Zeppelin- "Whole Lotta Love"/"Living Loving Maid" Atlantic 45-2690

Led Zeppelin- "Immigrant Song"/"Hey Hey What Can I Do" Atlantic 45-2777

Led Zeppelin- "Black Dog"/"Misty Mountain Hop" Atlantic 45-2849

Led Zeppelin- "Rock & Roll"/"Four Sticks" Atlantic OS-13130 (re-issue)

*Plant, Robert- "Heaven Knows"/"Walking Towards..." Atlantic 7-99373 (picture sleeve)

*Plant, Robert- "Big Log"/"Far Post" Atlantic 7-99844

Leonard, Deke- "Hard Way To Live" United Artists UA-XW359-W promo, mono/stereo

Les Variations- "Superman Superman" Buddah BDA 465 promo, mono/stereo

Lewis, Ramsey- "Hot Dawgit"/"Tambura" Columbia 3-10056 promo (w/ Earth, Wind & Fire)

Lewis, Ramsey- "Slipping Into Darkness" Columbia 4-45634 promo, mono/stereo (considerable writing on label)

Lighthouse- "Magic's In The Dancing" Polydor PD 14220 promo, mono/stereo

Lighthouse- "Good Day" Polydor PD 14246 promo, mono/stereo

Lightfoot, Gordon- "If You Could Read My Mind"/"Poor Little Allison'" Reprise 0974

Lightfoot, Gordon- "Sundown"/"Too Late For Prayin'" Reprise REP 1194 promo

Loggins & Messina- "My Music" Columbia 4-45952 promo, mono/stereo

Loggins & Messina- "Changes" Columbia 3-10077 promo, mono/stereo

Loggins & Messina- "Watching The River Run" Columbia 4-46010 promo, mono/stereo

Lynard Skynyrd- "Free Bird" MCA 40328 promo, mono/stereo

Lynard Skynyrd- "Sweet Home Alabama" MCA 40258 promo, mono/stereo (long & short versions)

Mahal, Taj- "Nobody's Business But My Own"/"Corinna" Columbia AE7 1046 promo

Mahavishnu Orchestra- "Can't Stand Your Funk" Columbia 3-10134 promo, mono/stereo

Mahavishnu Orchestra- "Open Country Joy" Columbia 4-45836 promo, mono/stereo

Mahogany Rush- "A New Rock & Roll"/"Child Of The Novelty" 20th Century TC-2111 promo (rare mono mixes)

Man- "Rainbow Eyes" United Artists UA-XW611-X promo, mono/stereo

Manfred Mann- "Quinn Eskimo"/"By Request-Edwin Garvey" Mercury 72770

Manfred Mann- "Get Your Rocks Off" Polydor 14191 promo, mono/stereo

Mann, Herbie- "Do It Again" Atlantic 45-2960 promo, mono/stereo

Mark/Almond Band- "Lonely Girl" Columbia 4-45951 promo, mono/stereo

Marley & The Wailers, Bob- "I Shot The Sheriff"/"Put It On" Island IS005

*Wailers, The- "Get Up, Stand Up" Island P-1218 promo, mono/stereo (Bob Marley)

Marshall Tucker Band- "Another Cruel Love" Capricorn CPR 0049 promo, mono/stereo

Marshall Tucker Band- "This Ol' Cowboy" Capricorn CPS 0228 promo, mono/stereo

Mason, Dave- "Only You Know & I Know" Blue Thumb 114 promo, mono/stereo

Mason, Dave- "Every Woman" Columbia 3-10104 promo, mono/stereo

Mason, Dave- "Baby...Please" Columbia 4-45947 promo, mono/stereo

Mason, Dave- "Bring It On Home Me" Columbia 3-10074 promo, mono/stereo

Mayall, John- "Step In The Sun" ABC/Blue Thumb BTA-264 promo, mono/stereo

McDonald, Kathi- "Freak Lover" Capitol P-3835 promo, mono/stereo

McGuire, Barry- "Eve of Destruction"/"What Exactly's The Matter..." Dunhill 45-D-4009

McLean, Don- "La La Love You" United Artists UA-XW579-X promo, mono/stereo

McLean, Don- "Fool's Paradise" United Artists UA-XW363-W promo, mono/stereo

McLean, Don- "Every Day"/"The More You Pay" United Artists UP 35519 promo (mono mixes, w/ note from record co.-very rare!)

Mendes, Sergio- "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" Elektra E-45235-A promo, mono/stereo

MFSB- "Family Affair"/"Lay In Low" Philadelphia International/CBS ZS7 3528 promo

Michaels, Lee- "Same Old Song" Columbia 4-45874 promo, mono/stereo (rare misprint on stereo side says "for sale")

Michaels, Lee- "Rock Me Baby" A&M 1448-S promo, mono/stereo (edit. live recording)

Miles, Buddy- "Thinking of You" Columbia 4-45969 promo, mono/stereo

Miller, Steve- "Living In The U.S.A." Capitol P-3884 promo, mono/stereo

Miller, Steve- "The Joker" Capitol P-3732 promo, mono/stereo

Mitchell, Joni- "Help Me" Asylum AS-11034-A promo, mono/stereo

Mitchell, Joni- "Raised On Robbery"/"Court & Spark" Asylum AS-11029

Mitchell, Joni- "Carey"/"Jericho" Asylum E-45244 promo (rare mono mixes)

Mitchell, Joni- "Big Yellow Taxi" Asylum E-45221-A promo, mono/stereo (live track)

Mitchell, Joni- "Woodstock"/"Big Yellow Taxi" Reprise 0906

Mitchell, Joni- "Free Man In Paris" Asylum AS-11041 promo, mono/stereo

Monkees, The- "Daydream Believer"/"Goin' Down" (non LP track) Colgems 66-1012

Montgomery Band, James- "I Can't Stop" Capricorn CPS 0217 promo, mono/stereo

Montrose- "Space Station #5" (edit. version) Warner Bros. WB 7814 promo, mono/stereo

Montrose- "Paper Money" (edit. version) Warner Bros. WBS 8063 promo, mono/stereo

Moody Blues- "Question"/"Candle of Life" Threshold 45-TH-67004

Moody Blues- "Isn't Life Strange"/"After You Came" Threshold 45-67009

*Edge Band, The Graeme- "We Like To Do It" Threshold 5N-67018-DJ promo, mono/stereo (rare picture sleeve)

*Hayward & John Lodge, Justin- "I Dreamed Last Night"/"Remember Me, My Friend" Threshold 5N-67019-DJ promo, mono only (rare mix!)

*Hayward, Justin- "Country Girl" Deram 5N-7542-DJ promo

Moore, Tim- "Charmer" Asylum E-45214 promo, mono/stereo

Morrison, Van- "Bulbs" Warner Bros. WBS 8029 promo, mono/stereo

Morrison, Van- "Ain't Nothin' You Can Do" Warner Bros. WB 7797 promo, mono/stereo

Morrison, Van- "Wavelength" Warner Bros. WBS 8661 promo, long/short versions

Mott The Hoople- "All The Young Dudes" Columbia 3-10091 promo, mono/stereo

Mott The Hoople- "One Of The Boys" Columbia 4-45754 promo, mono/stereo (rare re-mix, amazing improvement over previous version!)

Mott The Hoople- "All The Way From Memphis" Columbia 4-45920 promo, mono/stereo

Mott The Hoople- "Honaloochie Boogie" Columbia 4-45882 promo, mono/stereo

Mott The Hoople- "Roll Away The Stone" Columbia 4-46076 promo, mono/stereo

Mott The Hoople- "Golden Age of Rock & Roll" Columbia 4-46035 promo, mono/stereo

Mott The Hoople- "Saturday Gigs"/(medley form live LP) CBS S 2754 (German)

Mountain + West, Bruce & Laing- "Mississippi Queen" (rare re-mix)/"Why Dontcha" Columbia 4-45829 promo (ultra rare!)

*West, Leslie- "Don't Burn Me"/"E.S.P." Phantom/RCA JB-10301 promo

Muldaur, Maria- "Midnight At The Oasis"/"Any Old Time" Reprise REP 1183 promo

Mull, Martin- "In The Eyes of My Dog" Capricorn CPR 0024 (dog & human versions!)

Nektar- "Remember The Future" Passport PPA-7902 promo, mono/stereo

New Riders of The Purple Sage- "Panama Red" Columbia 4-45976 promo, mono/stereo

New York Dolls- "Stranded In The Jungle/"...the Mystery Girls?" Mercury 73478 promo

New York Rock Ensamble-"Whiter Shade..."/"Roll Over" Columbia 4-45574 promo

Nilsson, Harry- "Spaceman" RCA 74-0788 promo, mono/stereo

Nilsson, Harry- "Remember" RCA 74-0855 promo, mono/stereo

Nilsson, Harry- "Me & My Arrow"/"Narration from..." RCA SPS-45-258 promo

Nilsson, Harry- "Daybreak" RCA 0246 promo (picture sleeve, w/ George & Ringo)

Nilsson, Harry- "Don't Forget Me"/"Loop De Loop" RCA JB-10139 promo (Produced & Arranged by John Lennon)

Nilsson, Harry- "Many Rivers To Cross" RCA JH-10001 promo, mono/stereo (Produced & Arranged by John Lennon)

Nilsson, Harry- "Subterranean Homesick Blues"/"Mucho Mungo"/"Mt. Elga" RCA JB-10078 promo (Prod./Arranged by John Lennon-3 track promo-rare!)

Nilsson, Harry- "Coconut"/"Down" RCA 74-0718

Nilsson, Harry- "Kojak Columbo"/"Turn Out The Light" RCA JB-10183 promo

Nilsson, Harry- "Without You"/"Gotta Get Up" RCA 74-0604 promo (rare mono mixes!)

Nice, The- "America" Immediate ZS7 5008, promo

Nyro, Laura- "Wedding Bell Blues"/"Hands Off The Man" Columbia 4-45791 promo

Oldfield, Mike-"Tubular Bells" Virgin VR-55100 promo, mono/stereo (EDITED VERSION-3:18 RARE PROMO PICTURE SLEEVE!)

Oldfield, Mike-"Tubular Bells" Virgin E.P. PR 199 promo, 7:30 & 4:39 versions (RARE)

Ozark Mountain Daredevils- "Jackie Blue" A&M 1654 promo, mono/stereo

Pacific Gas & Electric- "Staggolee"/"Are You Ready?" Columbia 4-45158

Parker, Robert- "Get Ta Steppin'" Island IS 015-A promo, mono/stereo

Passport- "Jadoo"/"Cross Collateral" (2 versions) Atco PR-231 promo (special release)

Pearson, Randy- "Fly, Jonathon, Fly" Jonathon 102 promo, mono/stereo

Petty, Tom- "Refugee"/"It's Raining Again" MCA BSR-41169

Petty, Tom- "Don't Do Me Like That"/"Casa Dega" Backstreet 41138

Petty, Tom- "Change of Heart"/"Heartbreaker Beach Party" Backstreet 52181 (red vinyl)

Petty, Tom- "Don't Come Around Here No More"/"Trailer" MCA 52496

*Mudcrutch- "Depot Street"/"Wild Eyes" Shelter SR-40357 promo (rare pre- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers recordings)

Philly Devotions- "I Just Can't Say Goodbye" Columbia 3-10076 promo, mono/stereo

Pink Floyd- "Us & Them" Harvest P-3832 promo, mono/stereo

Pink Floyd- "When The Tigers Broke Free" Columbia X18 03142 promo (rare-foldout cardboard sleeve)

Poco- "Railroad Days" Epic 5-10816 promo, mono/stereo

Poco- "Here We Go Again"/"Fool's Gold" Epic 5-11055 promo (rare mono mixes)

Poco- "High & Dry" Epic 8-50076 promo, mono/stereo

Poco- "Faith In The Families" Epic 5-1141 promo, mono/stereo

Poco- "Magnolia" Epic 5-11092 promo, mono/stereo

Poco- "Good Feeling To Know" Epic 5-10890 promo, mono/stereo

Prelude- "After The Gold Rush"/"Johnson Boy" Island IS 002

Prelude- "Fly"/"Lady From A Small Town" Island IS 018 promo

Preston, Billy- "Outa Space" A&M 1320 promo (writing on label, features George Harrison on Guitar)

Preston, Billy- "You Are So Beautiful"/"Struttin'" A&M 1644-S

Pretty Things- "It Isn't Rock & Roll" Swan Song SS-70107 promo, mono/stereo

Pretty Things- "Joey" Swan Song SS 70104 promo, mono/stereo

Procol Harum- "Conquistador"/"A Salty Dog" A&M 1347-S promo (live recordings, some writing on label)

Rascals, The- "Real Thing"/"Carry Me Back" Atlantic 45-2664

Rascals, The Young- "Good Lovin'"/"Mustang Sally" Atlantic 45-2321

Raspberries- "Party's Over" Capitol P-4001 promo, mono/stereo

Raspberry, Larry & The Highsteppers- "Rock & Roll Warning" Enterprise ENA 9099 promo (record slightly damaged)

Rare Earth- "Big John Is My Name" Rare Earth R-5056F A promo, mono/stereo

Rare Earth- "Born To Wander"/"Here Comes The Night" Rare Earth R-5021

Rare Earth- "I Just Want To Celebrate"/"The Seed" Rare Earth R-5031F (picture sleeve)

Rare Earth- "Hum Along And Dance" Rare Earth R-5054F promo, mono/stereo

Rare Earth- "What'd I Say"/"Nice To Be With You" Rare Earth R-5043F

Rare Earth- "When Joanie Smiles"/"I'm Losing You" Rare Earth R-5017

Reed, Lou- "Sweet Jane"/"Lady Day" RCA DJB0-0238 promo

Reed, Lou- "How Do You Think It Feels" RCA DJH0-0172 promo, mono/stereo

Reeves, Martha- "My Man" MCA 40329 promo, mono/stereo

Renaissance- "Carpet Of The Sun" Capitol/Sovereign P-3715 promo, mono/stereo

Return To Forever- "Jungle Waterfall" Polydor PD 15099 promo, mono/stereo

Ripperton, Minnie- "Seeing You This Way" Epic 8-50020 promo, mono/stereo

Rivers, Johnny- "Six Days On The Road" Atlantic 45-3028 promo, mono/stereo


Hopkins, Nicky- "Speed On" Columbia 4-45869 promo, mono/stereo (w/ George Harrison & Mick Taylor on Guitars, writing on label)

Jagger, Chris- "Handful of Dust" Asylum AS-11028-A promo, mono/stereo

Jagger, Mick- "Memo From Turner"/"Natural Magic" Decca F 13067 promo U.K. (rare!)

Rolling Stones- "Let's Spend The Night Together"/"Ruby Tuesday" London 45-904

Rolling Stones- "She's A Rainbow"/"2000 Light Years..." London 45-906 promo (rare!)

Rolling Stones- "Jumpin' Jack Flash"/"Child Of The Moon" London 45-908

Rolling Stones- "Honky Tonk Woman"/"You Can't Always Get..." London 45-910

Rolling Stones- "Brown Sugar"/"Bitch" RS 45-19100

Rolling Stones- "Wild Horses"/"Sway" RS 45-19101

Rolling Stones- "Tumbling Dice" (mono)/"Sweet Black Angel" RS 19103

Rolling Stones- "Happy"/"All Down The Line" RS 19104 promo

Rolling Stones- "Time Waits for No One" PR 29482 SP promo, mono/stereo, damage to

picture sleeve (ultra-rare, promo only, w/ note from record co. on PS)

Rolling Stones- "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" RS 19109 promo, mono/stereo

Rolling Stones- "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)"/"Dancing With Mr. D.RS 19109

Rolling Stones- "Angie" RS 19105 promo, mono/stereo

Rolling Stones- "It's Only Rock n' Roll" RS 19301 promo, mono/stereo

Rolling Stones- "It's Only Rock n' Roll"/"Through The Lonely Nights" RS 19301

Rolling Stones- "Ain't Too Proud To Beg"/"Dance Little Sister" RS 19302

Rolling Stones- "Beast of Burden"/"When The Whip Comes Down" RS 19309

Rolling Stones- "Shattered"/"Everything's Turning To Gold" RS 19310 (picture sleeve)

Taylor, Mick (w/ Robin Millar)-"Catch As Catch Can"/"For My Life" ION 821003 French (rare-picture sleeve)

Wood, Ron- "I Can Feel The Fire" (edited) Warner Bros. 8036 promo, mono/stereo

Wyman, Bill- "White Lightnin'" RS-19111 promo, mono/stereo

Ronstadt, Linda- "You're No Good" Capitol P-3990 promo, mono/stereo

Ronstadt, Linda- "When Will I Be Loved?" Capitol P-4050 promo, mono/stereo

Ronstadt, Linda- "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" Capitol P-4050 promo, mono/stereo

Ronstadt, Linda- "Love Has No Pride" Asylum AS-11026-A promo, mono/stereo (long & short versions)

Ross, Diana & Marvin Gaye- "Don't Knock My Love" Motown M 1296F promo mono/stereo

Rowan Brothers- "All Together"/"Lady of Laughter" Columbia 4-45728

Rowan Brothers- "Hickory Day" Columbia 4-45856 promo, mono/stereo

Roxy Music- "Love Is The Drug" Atco 45-7042 promo (two edited versions)

Rundgren, Todd- "International Feel"/"Just One Victory" Bearsville Preview PRO 562

Rundgren, Todd- "I Saw The Light"/"Marlene" Bearsville BSV 0003

Rundgren, Todd- "I Saw The Light" Bearsville BSV 0003, promo, mono/stereo (rare-blue vinyl)

Rundgren, Todd- "Hello It's Me"/"Cold Morning Light" Bearsville BSV 0009, promo

Rundgren, Todd- "Couldn't I Just Tell You" Bearsville BSV 0007, promo, mono/stereo

Russell, Leon- "If I Were A Carpenter" Shelter SR-40210 promo, mono/stereo (picture sleeve)

Russell, Leon- "Queen of The Roller Derby"/"Roll Away The Stone" Shelter P-7337 promo (live recording)

Russell, Leon- "Leaving Whipporwhill" Shelter SR-40277 promo, mono/stereo

Russell, Leon- "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"/"Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms"

Shelter 7336 (from his "Hank Wilson's Back" LP, credited to Hank Wilson)

Sainte-Marie, Buffy- "Helpless" Vanguard VSD-35135 promo, mono/stereo

Sainte-Marie, Buffy- "Love's Got To Breathe & Fly" MCA 40368 promo, mono/stereo

Sainte-Marie, Buffy- "Can't Believe The Feeling When You're Gone" MCA 40193 promo, mono/stereo

Sainte-Marie, Buffy- "Sweet Little Vera" MCA 40216 promo, mono/stereo (long/short versions)

Santana- "When I Look Into Your Eyes" Columbia 4-45999 promo, mono/stereo

Santana- "Give & Take" Columbia 3-10088 promo, mono/stereo

Santana- "Mirage" Columbia 3-10073 promo, mono/stereo

Santana- "Evil Ways"/"Waiting" Columbia 4-45069

Savoy Brown- "Everybody Loves A Drinking Man" Parrot 45-206-DJ promo, mono/stereo

Savoy Brown- "Tell Mama" Parrot 45-40066-DJ promo, mono/stereo

Savoy Brown- "Coming Down Your Way" Parrot 45-40075-DJ promo, mono/stereo

*Chris Youlden- "Nowhere Road" Parrot 45-1048-DJ promo, mono/stereo

*Dog Soldier- "Pillar to Post" United Artists UA-XW642-X promo, mono/stereo (w/ Miller Anderson)

Scaggs, Boz- "Dinah Flo" Columbia 4-45670 promo, mono/stereo

Scaggs, Boz- "You Make It So Hard To Say No" Columbia 4-46025 promo, mono/stereo

Scott & The LA Express, Tom- "Rock Island Rocket" Ode 66109 promo, mono/stereo

Seals & Crofts- "Summer Breeze"/"East of Ginger Trees" Warner Bros WB 7606

Seals & Crofts- "Unborn Child" Warner Bros WB 7771 promo, mono/stereo

Seatrain- "Pack of Fools"/"Abbeville Fair" Warner Bros. Preview PRO 562 promo

Sensational Alex Harvey Band- "Swampsnake"/"Gang Bang" Vertigo VE-113 promo

Sharks, The- "Ol' Jelly Roll" MCA 40120 promo, mono/stereo (writing on label)

Siegel-Schwall Band- "Blues Opus 50" Parts 1&2 Deutsche-Grammophon DG-15068

promo-w/ San Francisco Symph.Orchestra (RARE! picture Sleeve)

Simon, Carly- "Haven't Got Time For The Pain"/"Mind On My Man" Elektra 45887

Simon, Carly- "You're So Vain"/"...Fond of Robin" Elektra 45824

Simon, Paul- "American Tune" Columbia 4-45900 promo, mono/stereo

Simon, Paul- "The Sound of Silence" Columbia 4-46038 promo, mono/stereo (live recording)

Sir Douglas Quintet- "Roll With The Punches" Casablanca NB 828 promo, mono/stereo

Slade- "When The Lights Are Out" Warner Bros. WB 7808 promo, mono (no label on b side!)

Smith- "Baby, It's You"/"I Don't Believe" ABC/Dunhill D-4206

Sparks- "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us"/"Barbecutie" Island IS001

Sparks- "Talent Is An Asset"/"Lost & Found" Island IS009-A promo (picture sleeve)

Sparks- "Achoo"/"Something For The Girl With Everything" Island IS 023-A (picture sleeve only, record is damaged)

Spirit- "I Got A Line On You"/"She Smiles" Ode ZS7-115

Spirit- "1984"/"Sweet Stella Baby" Ode ZS7-128

Spooky Tooth- "Hell or High Water"/"The Mirror" Island IS 004 promo

Spooky Tooth- "All Sewn Up" Island P-1219 promo, mono/stereo

Starr, Edwin- "War"/"He Who Picks A Rose" Gordy G-7101

Status Quo- "Down, Down" Capitol P-4039 promo, mono/stereo

Status Quo- "Caroline" A&M 1510 promo, mono/stereo

Status Quo- "Pictures of Matchstick Men"/"Gentleman Joe's..." Cadet Concept 7001

Steely Dan- "Rikki Don't Lose That Number"/"Any Major Dude..." ABC 11439

Steely Dan- "Hey Nineteen"/"Bodhisattva" (live) MCA 51036

*Donald Fagen-"True Companion"Asylum E-47244 promo (long/short versions)

Steppenwolf- "Get Into The Wind" Mums/Columbia ZS8 6034 promo, mono/stereo

Steppenwolf- "Straight Shootin' Woman" Mums/Columbia ZS8 6031 promo, mono/stereo w/ picture sleeve)

*Kay, John- "I'm Movin' On" ABC/Dunhill D-4309 promo, mono/stereo

Stevens, Cat- "Peace Train"/"Where Do The Children Play?" A&M 1291-S

Stevens, Cat- "The Hurt" A&M 1418 promo, mono/stereo (picture sleeve)

Stevens, Cat- "Oh Very Young" A&M 1503 promo, mono/stereo

Stewart, Al- "Carol" (mono)/"Sirens of Titan" (stereo) Janus J 250 promo

Stewart, Rod & Faces- "...I'm Losing You"/"Mandolin Wind" Mercury 73244

Stewart, Rod & Faces- "Stay With Me"/"You're So Rude" Warner Bros. WB 7545

Stewart, Rod- "Twisting The Night..."/"True Blue"/"Lady Day" Mercury 73412 promo

Stewart, Rod- "Angel"/"Lost Paraguyayos" Mercury 73344 promo

Stewart, Rod- "Oh! No Not My Baby" Mercury 73426 promo

Stewart, Rod- "Let Me Be Your Car"/"Sailor" Mercury 73660 promo

Stewart, Rod- "Mine For Me"/"Farewell" Mercury 73636 promo (w/ P. McCartney)

Supertramp- "Bloody Well Right" A&M 1660 promo, mono/stereo

Sweathog- "Ride Louise Ride" Columbia 4-45609 promo, mono/stereo

Sweet- "Ballroom Blitz" Capitol P-4055 promo, mono/stereo

Sweet Marie, The- "Remember Mary"/"Don't You Understand?" Yard Bird 8009

Sutherland Bros. & Quiver- "...You Got Me Anyway" Island P-1217 promo, mono/stereo

T. Rex- "Bang A Gong"/"Raw Ramp" Reprise 1032 promo

Taylor, James- "Carolina In My Mind"/"Something's Wrong" Apple 1805

Taylor, James- "Long Ago & Far Away" Warner Bros. 7521 promo, mono/stereo

Taylor, James- "You've Got A Friend"/"You Can Close Your Eyes" Warner Bros. 7498

Taylor, James- "Fire & Rain"/"Anywhere Like Heaven" Warner Bros. 7423

Taylor, James- "Country Road"/"Sunny Skies" Warner Bros. 7460

Taylor, Livingston- "...Over The Rainbow" Capricorn CPR 0032 promo, mono/stereo

Tempo & The 5th Ave. Sax, Nino- "Roll It" A&M 1499 promo, mono/stereo

Tempo & The 5th Ave. Sax, Nino- "Sister James"/"Clair De Lune" A&M 1461

Ten Years After- "Baby Won't You Let Me Rock & Roll You" Columbia 4-45530 promo, mono/stereo

Ten Years After- "Choo Choo Mama" Columbia 4-45736 promo, mono/stereo (long/short ver.)

Ten Years After- "I'm Going Home" (live) Columbia 4-45915 promo, mono/stereo

Ten Years After- "It's Getting Harder" Columbia 4-46061 promo, mono/stereo

*Alvin Lee & Mylon Le Fevre- "So Sad" (edited) Columbia 4-45987 promo, mono/stereo (written by George Harrison-Slide Guitar)

*Alvin Lee & Mylon Le Fevre- "So Sad"/"Riffin" Columbia 4-45987 promo stamp

Thee Image- "Good Thing" Manticore MA 7005F promo, mono/stereo (w/ Mike Pinera)

Thee Image- "It Happens All The Time"" Manticore MA 7001F promo, mono/stereo (")

Three Dog Night- "Out In The Country"/"Good Time Living" ABC/Dunhill D-4250

Tower of Power- "Only So Much Oil..." Warner Bros. WBS 8055 promo, mono/stereo

Tower of Power- "Willing To Learn" Warner Bros. WBS 8083 promo, mono/stereo

Traffic- "Walking In The Wind" Asylum E-45207 promo, mono/stereo (long/short versions)

*Capaldi, Jim- "It's All Right"/"Whale Meat Again" Island IS 003 promo

*Capaldi, Jim- "Goodbye Love" Island IS 055 promo

*Capaldi, Jim- "It's All Up To You"/"I've Got So Much Lovin'" Island IS 025 promo

*Capaldi, Jim- "Living On The Edge" Atlantic 7-89799 promo

Travers, Mary- "Circles" Warner Bros. WB 7790 promo, mono/stereo

Tufano & Giammarese- "Rise Up"/"Give Yourself A Dream" Ode 66036 promo

Uriah Heep- "July Morning" Mercury 73406 promo (2 diff. edit. versions-live)

Uriah Heep- "I Wanna Be Free"/"What Should Be Done" Mercury 73254 promo

Uriah Heep- "Sweet Lorraine" (edit)/"Blind Eye" Mercury 73349 promo

Uriah Heep- "Sweet Lorraine" (edit)/"Blind Eye" Mercury 73349

*Hensley, Ken- "From Time To Time" Mercury 73382 (DJ-368)

Vanilla Fudge- "You Keep Me Hangin' On"/"Come By Day..." Atco 45-6590

Vitale, Joe- "Shoot 'Em Up" Atlantic 45-3260 promo, mono/stereo

Waits, Tom- "Blue Skies" Asylum E-45233-A promo, mono/stereo

Walsh, Joe- "Rocky Mountain Way" ABC/Dunhill D-4361 promo, mono/stereo

War- "Gypsy Man"/"Deliver The Word" United Artists UA-XW281-W

Watergate Seven, The- "Special Investigation"/"President's Prayer" Hidden P-3654 promo (comedy record w/ Avery Schreiber-rare!)

Weather Report- "Boogie Woogie Waltz" (edit.) Columbia 4-45883 promo, mono/stereo

Weber Orchestra, Andrew Lloyd- "John 1941"/"Superstar" Decca 32603

Weissberg, Eric- "Dueling Banjos"/"End Of A Dream" Warner Bros. WB 7659

Weissberg, Eric- "Yakety Yak" Epic 8-50072 promo, mono/stereo

Weisberg, Tim- "Streak-Out" A&M 1520-S promo, mono/stereo

Wet Willie- "Keep On Smiling" Capricorn CPR 0043 promo, mono/stereo =

Wet Willie- "Country Side of Life" Capricorn CPR 0031 promo, mono/stereo =


Daltrey, Roger- "I'm Free"/"Underture" Ode 66040 promo (w/ the London Symphony)

Daltrey, Roger- "Thinking" MCA/Track 40084 promo, mono/stereo (writing onlabel)

Moon, Keith- "Solid Gold" MCA/Track 40387 promo, mono/stereo (w/ Ringo Starr)

Who, The- "My Generation"/"Out In The Street" Decca 31877

Who, The- "Magic Bus"/"Someone's Coming" Decca 32362

Who, The- "Substitute"/"Waltz For A Pig" Atco 6509 (rare!)

Who, The- "Won't Get Fooled Again"/"I Don't Even Know Myself" Decca 32846

Who, The- "My Wife"/"Behind Blue Eyes" Decca 32888 promo

Who, The- "See Me, Feel Me"/"Overture From Tommy" Decca 732729 (Picture Sleeve)

Who, The- "Join Together"/"Baby Don't You Do It" Track 2094-102 (UK import)

Who, The- "The Relay"/"Wasp Man" Track 33041 promo

Who, The- "The Real Me" MCA/Track 40182 promo, mono/stereo

Who, The- "Love, Reign O'er Me" MCA/Track 40152 promo, mono/stereo

Who, The- "Postcard" MCA/Track 40330 promo, mono/stereo

*Thunderclap Newman- "Something In the Air" MCA/Track MCA-60132 promo (long and short versions, prod. by Pete Townshend)

Winter, Edgar- "Keep Playin' That Rock & Roll"/"Dying to Live" Epic 5-10788 promo

Winter, Edgar- "Free Ride" Epic 5-11024 promo, mono/stereo

Winter, Edgar- "Hangin' Around" Epic 5-11069 promo, mono/stereo

*La Croix, Jerry- "You'll Always Be Mine" Mercury DJ-396 (rare-w/ note to programmers)

Winter, Johnny- "Golden Olden Days of Rock & Roll" Blue Sky ZS8 2756 promo, mono/stereo

Winter, Johnny- "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Columbia 4-45368 promo, mono/stereo (live)

Winter, Johnny- "Boney Moroney" Columbia 4-46036 promo, mono/stereo

Wishbone Ash- "Silver Shoes" MCA 40362 promo, mono/stereo

Wray, Link- "I Got To Ramble" Polydor PD 14256 promo, mono/stereo (Duane Allman tribute)

Womack, Bobby- "I Don't Know" United Artists UA-XW561-X promo, mono/stereo

Womack, Bobby- "Check It Out" United Artists UA-XW621-X promo, mono/stereo

Wonder, Stevie- "Superstition"/"You've Got It Bad Girl" Tamla T 54226F


Yardbirds, The- "Shapes of Things"/"New York City Blues" Epic 5-10006

Yardbirds, The- "Shapes of Things"/"New York City Blues" Epic 5-10006 (whoa! super rare mis-labeled oddity-"b" side is actually "I'm Not Talking")

Yardbirds, The- "Over Under Sideways Down"/"Jeff's Boogie" Epic 5-10035 (picture sleeve!)

Yardbirds, The- "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago"/"Over Under Sideways Down" Epic 5-2254 (re-issue)

Yardbirds, The- "Ha Ha Said the Clown"/"Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor" Epic 5-10204

Yardbirds, The- "Ha Ha Said the Clown"/"Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor" Epic 5-10204 promo (ultra-rare!)

Yardbirds, The- "Little Games"/"Puzzles" Epic 5-10156

Yardbirds, The- "Shapes of Things"/"I'm A Man" Epic 5-2247 (re-issue)

Yardbirds, The- "Over Under Sideways Down"/"Ha Ha Said the Clown" Underground URC 1068 (Canadian re-issue)

Yardbirds, The- "Evil Hearted You"/"Smokestack Lightning"/"A Certain Girl"/"For Your Love"/"Shapes Of Things"/"Louise" Charley 7SR 5036 (import EP)

*Keith Relf-"Shapes In My Mind"/"Blue Sands" Epic 5-10110

*Keith Relf-"All The Falling Angels"/"Together Now" MCCM 89-002 (picture sleeve, on marble vinyl!)

*Illusion- "Madonna Blue"/"Everywhere You Go" Island 15569 Holland (picture sleeve)

*Renaissance- "Island"/"The Sea" (non lp) Island 6014 005 (France-picture sleeve!)

 YES & related

Yes- "Soon (from The Gates of Delirium)" Atlantic 45-3242 promo, mono/stereo

Yes- "Roundabout"/"Long Distance Runaround" Atlantic 45-2854

Yes- "Roundabout" Atlantic 45-2854 promo, mono/stereo (gold vinyl!)

*Squire, Chris- "Lucky Seven" Atlantic 45-3317 promo, mono/stereo

*Wakeman, Rick- "Anne"/"Catherine" A&M 1430-S promo

 Young, Jesse Colin- "Light Shine" (edit) Warner Bros. WB 7816 promo, mono/stereo

 FRANK ZAPPA & Related

Flo & Eddie- "Let Me Make Love To You" Columbia 3-10028 promo, mono/stereo

Volman, Mark & Kaylan, Howard- "Goodbye, Surprise"/"Nikki Hoi" Reprise REP promo, (mono mixes-rare!)

Mothers, The- "Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus" Bizarre REP 1127 promo, mono/stereo

Mothers, The- "I'm The Slime"/"Montana" Discreet REP 1180 promo

Zappa, Frank- "Cosmik Debris"/"Unlce Remus" Discreet PRO 586 promo

Zappa, Frank- "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" Discreet DSS 1312 promo, mono/stereo

Zappa, Frank- "Disco Boy" Warner Bros. WBS 8342 promo, mono/stereo

ZZ Top- "La Grange" London 45-203-DJ promo, mono/stereo